FTWB + The OBL Presents... THE DEATH SET

We're very excited to announce a special show at The Old Blue Last...

Tuesday April 12th

The Death Set Live
Trippple Nippples Live
Harry James (Snap Crackle & Pop) Dj
Russ Tannen (FTWB) Dj

The Death Set
Raucous Baltimore noise punks The Death Set are infamous for their out-of-hand live performances, breakneck songs and reckless energy. With their most recent album discussing mammoth Ecstasy binges, arcane handshakes, smashed equipment, angry promoters and the sexual preferences of French girls, helped along by guest appearances from Diplo and Spank Rock, they are probably the most fun band you're ever going to dance too, ever.

"The Death Set are the punkest band in human history" - NME

"Makes you want to punch children in their silly faces from the sheer joy of being alive'" - NME

"The hottest band in the world!" - Artrocker

"Riotous and addictive" - Loud & Quiet

Trippple Nippples
"Trippple Nippples is two Japanese electro songstresses that transform lunatic delusions into performance art. This is notably done by pouring and throwing egg, glitter, feather bombs, mud, blood, rotting spaghetti dressed with liquid latex at each other, or by squirting milky alcohol showers, projected from prosthetic breasts. If these chicks haven’t covered themselves in it, it probably doesn’t exist. And the music is pretty good as well!" - Dazed and Confused

Entry: £6
Doors: 8pm-12am

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